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By Samantha Edmunton
Lake Sun Leader

Osage Beach - The words that line the back of the poolside menu at the
Poop Deck have brought smiles to patrons faces for more than 30 years:

"The Clown is the result of a poor man’s search for a tax deduction. The
idea of a floating restaurant was given to us by that eminent artist,
Allego Bum (currently doing 20 years in Sing Sing for bum steering). The
clown seats 60,000 people, 60 at a time”
The Clown
The Clown to sail off into history
Lake's original floating restaurant will close after 46 years
Topsider still has great eats.
The Poop Decks multi-level decks with a
swimming pool offer a family fun
atmosphere with reasonably priced food
& hand crafted specialty frozen drinks.
Nearly 60,000 people per year have enjoyed salads, sandwiches, ice
cream and the legendary leprechaun baskets at the Clown since it
opened in 1960. However, after 46 years, the lake’s original floating
restaurant is closing its doors. The owners of The Clown, Poop Deck
and Topsider for 32 years, Kym and Dick Ebling, said the lake’s
growing boat traffic has contributed to their decision to close.

"A business floating on the water simply isn’t good business sense
(any more),” Kym said. "It helped us create everything else (Poop
Deck and Topsider).”
The Eblings share in those memories, as well as other aspects of The
Clown that have sustained its quality over the years.

"We no longer require waitresses to wear swimsuits, but back in the
day, a bikini was the required uniform, and of course we will make
sure we have plenty of leprechaun baskets available,” Kym said.
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